Product Review - Kong WobblerAs the owner of a herding dog (i.e., so smart it’s scary), I have to get pretty creative with ways to tire my dog out mentally, so I am always on the lookout for new interactive toys and puzzles. The Kong Wobbler is an interactive treat dispensing toy that works by spilling treats out of a tiny hole as it wobbles around, courtesy of your dog pushing and nudging it.

I am a major Kong fan. Their toys are some of the only ones that will stand up to Berkley’s relentless ‘destroy my toy’ attitude. They are durable, and most of all, thoughtful. At the time Kong came out with their Wobbler, I’ll admit – I was buying whatever Kong was selling. BUT. I was pretty skeptical about this one, especially considering the hefty price tag it came with.

How it Works

Although it’s shaped like a classic Kong, it’s not made for chewing on, but rather, pushing around. The Wobbler comes in two different sizes – small, which fits about a ½ cup of food, and large, which fits about 1 cup. It’s twist off design allows for easy filling, and easy cleaning.

The Wobbler is bottom-weighted, so that as your dog pushes it from the top, it naturally wobbles back up. Made from a durable plastic, this product holds its own, despite all the bopping around it does.

Why the Wobbler is a Great Product

Aside from its durability and clever design, what I really like about Kong’s Wobbler is that it serves several purposes:

  1. It tires your dog out. My dog was panting, both physically and mentally, after
    getting his dinner out of the Wobbler instead of a bowl. He had so much fun trying to
    get his food out of it and pushing it around our kitchen floor. Once he was finished, he was full AND tired.
  2. It forces your dog to eat slower. If your dog is one who tends to eat too quickly,
    the Wobbler is a great way to force him to slow down. Whether you choose to treat your dog via the Wobbler, or you want to give him his meals from it, this is a really good way to keep him from gobbling it up before he knows what he’s eating.
  3. It keeps your dog busy. If your dog is strongly food motivated, this is a great way
    to keep him busy without his even knowing it. Sometimes when I need to get away from my shadow for a few minutes, I’ll set him up with the Wobbler, and he’s happy to eat and play with it while I go about my business.

    My original intention in buying the Wobbler was to help my dog with his separation anxiety. I would leave the Wobbler filled with his breakfast before I left for work. Having the Wobbler to work on was a big help in keeping his mind on getting his breakfast and off of my leaving.

  4. OH MY GOD it’s so entertaining to watch!

Potential Issues

Although I have had zero issues with this product (and I am a pretty big stickler), I could see it being less successful for dogs who aren’t as food motivated, and most likely less willing to work for their food.

Also, if you are someone who does not want surprise treats tucked away under cupboards and chair legs, this might not be the toy for you. Things can get pretty wild when the Wobbler is spilling food all over the floor, so if you like an extra clean house, you may want to try something else.

The Wobbler can be found online, and pretty much in any pet store, for between $15-20 for the larger size. If you decide to pick up a Wobbler, you may have to help your dog along in showing him how it works. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but if you stick with it, it shouldn’t take long for your dog to be bopping around the house in no time. You can also mix in a few of his favorite treats to help keep him extra interested.

Final Review

At the end of the day, I’d easily give this product a 5/5. It is durable, and works like it is supposed to. It provides a lot of mental stimulation for your dog, while also slowing down his eating. The Wobbler is a great product for anyone looking for an interactive treat dispensing toy to keep their smart best friend busy.


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