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Product Review: The Chuckit Kick Fetch

Pet Product Review - Chuckit Kick Fetch

Berkley loves to destroy balls. Tennis balls, basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, you name it – he’s destroyed it. My backyard is a graveyard for once shiny balls that are now dirty, deflated shards. I was anxious to find a ball that could stand up to the torture my dog puts balls through.

When I saw this soccer-sized ball from Chuckit, I was super excited. I already love Chuckit products. Their ball launcher has given people like me who stand powerless in the face of a tennis ball, the ability to launch a ball as far as it can go. Their line of different balls for the launcher is diverse, and makes fetch extra fun. Naturally, I had high hopes for their kick fetch ball. Here’s how it delivered…. (more…)

Product Review – The Kong Wobbler

Product Review - Kong WobblerAs the owner of a herding dog (i.e., so smart it’s scary), I have to get pretty creative with ways to tire my dog out mentally, so I am always on the lookout for new interactive toys and puzzles. The Kong Wobbler is an interactive treat dispensing toy that works by spilling treats out of a tiny hole as it wobbles around, courtesy of your dog pushing and nudging it.

I am a major Kong fan. Their toys are some of the only ones that will stand up to Berkley’s relentless ‘destroy my toy’ attitude. They are durable, and most of all, thoughtful. At the time Kong came out with their Wobbler, I’ll admit – I was buying whatever Kong was selling. BUT. I was pretty skeptical about this one, especially considering the hefty price tag it came with. (more…)