Okay, first off, if you do not already get the Orvis catalog, go there now and sign up for it. Seriously, do it. You will not be disappointed.

I am a huge fan of Orvis. I swear – they are not paying me to say this. Their stuff is awesome. Nevermind that they sell a whole bunch of outdoor clothing and accessories: their dog stuff is fantastic.

They offer all kinds of items like dog beds (no joke – their dog beds look more comfortable than my real bed), bowls, and collars, and even massage jackets for dogs with arthritis. They have so many dog items, that they do a special catalog completely dedicated to their line of dog products. AND you can customize just about anything they offer with your dog’s name. They are after my heart.

The thing I really like about Orvis, though, is that their stuff is all very well thought out, and everything is super high quality. I have one of their seat covers for the back seat of my car (I’m a lady who enjoys her leather seats), and it really does the job. I am constantly letting Berkley hop into the back of the car after a swim, or playing in the mud…not exactly leather seat friendly. But, the seat cover stays in place and protects the seats from his claws and all the gunk he drags in, no problem.

Anyway. Down to business. Their new Southwestern Collection. You guys. AMAZING. I am pretty sure they were thinking of me when they put this one together.

I recently took a trip around the Southwest, and it was nothing short of spectacular. The colors, shapes, and textures were all so beautiful and inspiring. I come from the Midwest, so all of this was totally new to me, and I couldn’t take it in fast enough. I totally fell in love. Here are some photos.

Navajo Bridge

Look at this. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? I have not.

And this.
Bryce Canyon

And then there’s this.
Grand Canyon

The only thing I did not love was this:

Aside from the amazing scenery, one of the neat things about the Southwest is, a lot of the places you go are largely occupied by the Navajo Indians, so much of what you see takes influence from their culture. I’ve never really been a huge lover of native art, but you’d really have to try hard to not get inspired by it when you’re smack-dab in the middle of it. The colors and patterns are so beautiful. Not to mention, they make GORGEOUS jewelry, from minerals found in the Southwest, like turquoise. <3 When I returned from my trip, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt so inspired by everything I had just seen, but didn’t know where to go with that inspiration. Not long after, the Orvis dog catalog arrived and I fell in love. They really hit the nail on the head with their Southwestern collection. It’s gorgeous. Take a look: Orvis Dog Bed 1

How cool is this bed? And look at this one:
Orvis Dog Bed 2

My most favorite item from the collection, is this collar.
Orvis Trailblazer Collar

So beautiful. I am usually a total cheapskate when it comes to buying collars, but this one, I might have to splurge on.

Check out the whole collection here. Seems like they are missing a few items from what they had in the catalog, but you get the gist.

I’m pretty new to Orvis, so I don’t know if this whole, inspired collection thing is something they do often, but I will definitely be eagerly awaiting their next dog catalog to see what’s new.

What’s your favorite place to get your dog goods?

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