Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety occurs when dogs become anxious in the absence of their owner. A common problem among dog owners, separation anxiety can show itself in many forms, from barking, to chewing, or pottying in the house while the owner is away. However it shows itself, it’s not fun – for owner or pet, and should be dealt with so your pet doesn’t have to go into panic mode every time you leave the house. Dealing with separation anxiety will help your best friend to live a more happy and content life.

There are a lot of reasons why a dog might develop separation anxiety – a major change in the dog’s life, a traumatic event, or the loss of a family member. In my case, I’m certain my dog developed separation anxiety because of me. I coddled him to no end as a pup, carrying him here and there (seriously, I’m surprised he learned to walk), constantly doting on him and solving all of his little doggy world problems before he had a chance to figure them out himself. Combine with that, a genetic predisposition for high anxiety, and I had created a monster before I knew it… (more…)